"Feldman - Elaine, what do you think about a watch
that gives you the weather when you get up in the morning?
Elaine - Wow, Feldman, that's a *really* great idea!
Feldman - Nahh, not pracical" - Seinfeld
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Cli-Mate 2.0 has been released! New in this version:
  1. Tighter integration with National Weather Service weather data.
  2. Now gathers wind speed, visibility, sky conditions, dew point, barometric pressure, relative humidity, and heat index data.
  3. Displays dew point and barometric pressure tendency from update to update.
  4. Auto-scaling graph plots dew point vs. temperature history over the last 24 hours (when available), as well as barometric pressure history.
  5. Overhauled "Extended Forecast" engine that formats forecasts better and allows for switching between areas.
  6. More advanced weather maps in the "Images" section (and all broken image links have been fixed!)
  7. Save your favorite images to your hard drive.
  8. Learn to forecast the weather with new Cli-Mate help file and the "Let's Learn About Weather!" page.
Cli-Mate is now one of the oldest (5 years!) weather gathering programs around... and while others have become bloated pieces of spy-ware, Cli-Mate is still 100% free, contains no advertisements, and provides the most advanced weather forecasting data on your desktop! If you like this version, please considering paying the $25 registration fee, which will display your name on the start screen, free updates, and notification of new version.

Note: Users upgrading to this version will notice Cli-Mate 2 is installed in a new directory, as there are some substantial changes to the code which will require you to re-pick your favorite cities. You may un-install the old version if you choose. Registered Users: Your old registration code will still work with version 2.0


Cli-Mate 1.6.2 has been released, to address a few issues some users reported when installing the program. If you're still having problems, please let me know. There's an upgrade too.


Cli-Mate 1.6.1 has been released! This version is mainly a maintenance release, fixing several reported problems with the various weather sources. The bug that prevented some users from trying the "Speak Forecast" option has been fixed as well. An update to 1.6.1 is also availble for users of Cli-Mate 1.6.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Having trouble getting the "Speak Forecast" feature to work? Go to this page and download + install the files necessary to hear the forecasts out loud.


Cli-Mate 1.6 has been released! This is a pretty big update, as a new weather source (National Weather Service) has been added, with over 1500 cities for the US, and 1700 international cities (CNN weather has been removed temporarly because of compatibility problems). In addition, by popular demand, a "read weather aloud after update" feature has been added. Go to the download page to get Cli-Mate 1.6!

Also, for a limited time, the registration fee has been cut by $10, from $25 to a measly $15. So if you use Cli-Mate and enjoy it, please consider registering the software by going here (all major credit cards accepted).


Cli-Mate 1.5.9 (ver 1.5, revision 9) is out! This is just a maintenence release, which fixes a problem with the Weather Channel source. Current users can upgrade Cli-Mate on the update page.


Happy Leap Day! Cli-Mate 1.5.8 (ver 1.5, revision 8) is now available. This is just a maintenence release, which fixes the problem of garbage being displayed for the CNN weather source. Current users can upgrade Cli-Mate on the update page.


Having a problem with Cli-Mate not saving your preferences? Download the new 1.5.7 update, it should correct the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience. (Thanks Jeff).


Cli-Mate 1.5.7 (ver 1.5, revision 7), has been released. This version addresses several compatibility issues, including lack of update time on Yahoo! Weather, and lack of temperature on Weather Channel updates. Also, the "tabs" on the options page are back by popular demand. Due to technical incompatibilities, the Rain or Shine weather source has temporarily been disabled in this revision.

Version 1.5.7 can be downloaded here, or if you are a user of a previous Cli-Mate version, an update is available here.

Maintaining and updating Cli-Mate on a regular basis is no easy task. If you like Cli-Mate and use it frequently, please consider registering the program (click here). Thanks!


Here's Cli-Mate 1.5.6, (ver. 1.5, revision 6)! This version fixes the Weather Channel data error that several people have been reporting. The list of weather images has also been expanded, now including many upper-air, forecast models, and other advanced meteorological weather maps.

As usual, version 1.5.6 can be downloaded here, an update is also available on the update page.


Cli-Mate 1.5.5, (ver. 1.5, revision 5) has been posted on the download page. This small update fixes Weather Channel functionality for US and International cities. For current users of Cli-Mate 1.5, an update is available on the update page.


A new build of Cli-Mate 1.5 has been posted, which corrects the MSVBVM60.DLL problem below. If your Cli-Mate 1.5 is functioning properly, there is no need to download version 1.5 again.

A new maps.txt file is available, with updated URLs for the graphical Weather Channel maps. You can download that here (save the file to your Cli-Mate directory, over-writing the old "maps.txt" file. Be sure to restart Cli-Mate).


If you're getting a message that says "MSVBVM60.DLL not found" after installing Cli-Mate, please download and install the following file from Microsoft, which will replace the missing file. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Cli-Mate Version 1.5 has been released, with several changes and more bug fixes. Here's what's new:
  • Most importantly, the nasty "File Not Found" error several people were receiving with the "Extended Forecast" should be fixed.
  • New "look" for several of Cli-Mate's menus.
  • Cli-Mate now uses fewer system DLL's, therefore will load faster and perform better on most systems (not to mention taking up much less system resources).
If you have any problems or questions about this version of Cli-Mate, please e-mail me at splat@nac.net.


Heeeeeeeere's Cli-Mate Version 1.4! This version has the following fixes/changes:
  • Mainly a maintenance update, the majority of the bugs should be fixed now. This release fixes a problem with incorrect or no icons being displayed.
  • Fixed several bugs with the Extended Forecasts.
  • You can now open multiple windows at once (for example, you can leave the Weather Images window open while you open the Extended Forecast window).
This version incorporates fixes for every bug that has been reported, and is pretty feature-complete. This will most likely be the last version for some time (unless something comes up). Remember, Cli-Mate is shareware, and if you continue to use it after 30 days, please register it by clicking here.


Well, it took a little longer than "two weeks" (mainly due to the start of school), but Cli-Mate Version 1.2 is out. If you have Cli-Mate already, and would like to upgrade your copy, visit the Update page. The Complete installation file can be found on the Download page. Here's a list of what's new in version 1.2:
  • Overhauled interface, now looks better and is easier to use. You can now access the Weather Log from the main interface.
  • Uses a faster protocol for retreiving data, which is faster and more robust than the older version.
  • New weather source, "Rain or Shine", bringing the number of weather sources up to 4.
  • Re-designed Options menu with tabs, seperates town/country selection from Cli-Mate options.
  • Proxy/Firewall support.
  • "Favorites" menu now allows you to add or remove favorite cities from a pull-down menu. You can change the current city simply by clicking on the name of the city. This is also accessible from the pop-up menu.
  • All Cli-Mate options are now stored in your Windows registry for faster access and less file clutter.
  • The new "Weather Images" option lets you retreive dozens of full-color weather images from various sources on the Internet, complete with a download indicator and all-in-one image viewer. It is also custimizable, allowing you to add your own weather images to the list.
  • Added some missing countries to Yahoo lists.
  • Lots of bugs fixed.
As usual, since version 1.2 is almost a total rehaul of the program (a very large chunk of the code has been rewritten), there will most likely be some bugs. If you experience any problems using Cli-Mate, or would like to send comments or suggestions, please e-mail me at splat@nac.net.


Just a note: Currently, Cli-Mate will not work from behind a firewall. However, version 1.2 of Cli-Mate (which should be done in about two weeks), will support proxie/firewalls. Besides the added firewall support, version 1.2 will be much faster and streamlined, using a redesigned file transfer system. New features planned are a "Favorite City" list, which allows you to switch between cities quickly, radar/forecast images from within the program, and a new weather source, not to mention a few bug fixes. Have a comment or suggestion for the next version? Let me know!.


Cli-Mate has received a four star rating from the prestigious Ziff-Davis Hot Files archive.


Cli-Mate was prominently featured in today's edition of C|Net's Shareware Dispatch, the weekly newsletter on hot new shareware sent out by Shareware.com.


Cli-Mate is released! Check out the About page and the Screenshots page. Then, when you realize that you want to download Cli-Mate, visit the Download page. Think it's a cool program? Let me know what you think, or better yet, Register your copy. Check back here for news, reviews, and other Cli-mate information.

If you receive an error message after installing and trying to run Cli-Mate (like, "Run-time error 50003"), you should download this self-extracting file. This contains additional Windows system files. Copy this to your Windows system (usually c:\windows\system\) directory, and run the file to extract the contents.

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