Cli-Mate Screenshots
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This is the main Cli-Mate interface, which appears when you start the program, or when you select "Restore Menu" from the System Tray Icon menu. It displays all the pertinent information about the weather in the selected city including city name, temperature, condition, and the time the weather info was last updated.

Want to know what the weather will be like this weekend? Click the "Extended Forecast" button from the main screen and Cli-Mate displays a 5-day extended forecast retrieved from the National Weather Service.

Cli-Mate can retrieve advanced (and simpler) weather graphs from the Internet.

Running in the background, Cli-Mate can keep it's weather data up-to-date. Move your mouse over the icon in the system tray and view the city, condition, and temperature. Even the icons change depending on the condition and time of day!

© 1998 Dan Finkelstein