Here are some pictures from the upcoming JP2 Sega Arcade Game (see the last update for an article about the game). (pictures courtesy of Chris and Compy)

Our good friend Chris also has a video from the upcoming game over at his page.. Click here (it's 14megs). And don't forget to check out Chris' entire website, here.

DisHerc reports that JP2 will be playing on an IMAX screen at the Rivercenter Mall in San Antonio Texas

I've received lots of e-mails about the discussion between Elie and Hammond that takes place in JP. I think the final consensus is that he says to her "Yes, Yes, Which is why we've taken EXTREME precautions! The Viewing area will have eight-inch tempered glass set in reinforced steel frames to..." (thanks to CyberRaptor, who got the info in one of the JP Comic Books).

Look for the long awaited trailer to Sphere on Entertainment Tonight, tonight! (Thanks to Matt Boudreau) - and check out his Sphere page!


"Oh my God", is all I have to say about this news item, sent to me by Pete Miller (of Pete's Movie Page:

Well, I'm off to Chicago, so don't expect an update for awhile..... :) (I wish)

Here's the full text of the Next Generation Magazine article on Sega's upcoming Lost World Arcade Game. (Many thanks to Nick Dakoulas)

I should have the pictures from this article (hopefully) tomorrow.

Look for "Microverse" (like Micro-Machines, except by Kenner) JP2 toys, including "Vehicle Assortment #1" with Ground Tracker, Off Road Vehicle, Dino Cage, Raptor and Dieter Stark, as well as a "T-Rex Trap Micro Playset". Also, don't forget the ever-popular JP2 Magic Rocks, which comes with a paintable T-Rex which mounts to the bottom of the "magic rock" tank... (thanks to Hobbes)

Getting off of the subject of The Lost World, John Maier brought up the subject of an "easter egg" of sorts in Jurassic Park: If you listen closely during the "meeting scene" with Hammond, Grant, Malcolm, etc. you can hear Richard Kiley (as the narriator) say in the background, "Our more adventurous guests, of course, can opt for our jungle river cruise or take a close-up look at our majestic winged dinosaurs."

Spielberg seems to use this innovative technique of two people talking at the same time in many of his movies (including in The Lost World). Another scene like this was when, in Jurassic Park, the guests tour the Raptor pen, two distinct conversations occur at one point. Muldoon talks to Grant about how the Raptors were so smart that "They remember...", and at the same time (although at much lower volume), Hammond talks to Ellie about something.. However, I have never been able to decipher what he was saying... If anyone has any guess, feel free to post your opinions on the message board, or e-mail me.


Disney Adventures Magazine has voted JP2 the "Best sequel of all time" (I agree with that one), as well as "Best Book Adaption of the year". (thanks to KevTh85)

According to the Topps Comic #4, look for a Lost World Trade Paperback to hit store shelves in September, which will contain all four comics in one book. It also may contain a special edition "#0" comic, as the "Jurassic Park Trade Paperback" did. (thanks to Chaos28)

Last week's (actually, last two weeks) poll results are in, where I asked "What is your favorite track on the Lost World CD?". The overwhelming winner with more than half of the votes was the last track, Finale and Jurassic Park Theme. Rescuing Sarah came in second, with The Lost World (theme), coming in third. My favorite, "The Trek", didn't even make it to the top 5!

This Week: Which film will do better at the box office? MIB or TLW? Vote Here.

Have you visited The Shop lately? Now on sale: JP2 1998 Calendar!


Bad news for Michael Crichton fans, I'm sorry to report. Crichton himself was on an AOL chat yesterday, and flat out denied the rumors that he was working on another JP book. Here's the question and answer, thanks to "Utahraptor": A few people were speculating on the message board (which is completely fixed, by the way), that the smily at the end of the sentence could indicate that while he's not working on a book, they're working on a movie... Or, (wild speculation here), Crichton's "policy" of not talking about upcoming books could mean that he's lying about the third JP book... Only time will tell, I guess.

According to Chaos28, Topps JP2 Comic #4 is now out in stores.

Check out the cover to this month's Next Generation Magazine, which, as you can see, contains an article on "Sega's Next Big Thing", the JP2 arcade game: (thanks to Nick)

If anyone has this issue, and would like to provide some details, it would be appreciated.

If you have not seen Contact yet, the new Robert Zemeckis movie, you simply must. I simply can not put into words how good this film is ... let me say this..it's one of those movies where you don't want to watch any movies for awhile after seeing it, just for the fact that you know they won't be as good... Anyway, see this movie and check out my Contact webpage. (And you can get your own, here)

I also saw Air Force One yesterday, which was also very good -- much better than Face/Off, in my humble opinion. See Contact first, though. : )


While The Lost World is losing ground in the US to newer movies (it's made a total of $222,529,669 domestically), Steven Spielberg's dinos are just becoming hits around the world! According to a report in Variety Magazine yesterday, JP2 "conquered the U.K. [box office]" weekend, earning a near-record $9.2 million in three days, the second-highest premier, just behind "Independence Day". (Interestingly enough, this figure is 21% higher than Jurassic Park's premier in 1993.) JP2 also broke industry records in Argentina, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, South Korea, Germany, and Singapore. (thanks to Adam)

Talking about the box office, Men in Black held it's first place spot again this weekend, which brings it's total up to $172 million. Incidentally, as executive producer, Steven Spielberg gets 5% of the gross, which means he's 8.6 million dollars richer.

Some new Trespasser pics (now scheduled to be a 1st Quarter '98 release), have been released. You can get them over at the official Trespasser page. (thanks to Mulcyber)


Some more info about the JP2 Cartoon, from the Topps Comic Adaption #3: The information comes in the form as a response to a letter sent into the comic, where they respond, "Good news, (names). There is talk of doing a 'The Lost World' cartoon. Keep your eyes open for more information on that one!" (thanks to an anonymous source)

Matt wanted to let everyone know that the new issue of Next Generation Magazine has an article about Sega and their upcoming Lost World Arcade Game. According to the article, it will be a "light gun game", similar to the hit game (and one of my personal favorites) "VirtraCop".

Here's a cut scene to add to the new Cut Scenes section, from the third JP2 Comic adaption. (thanks to Chris Maier):

An anonymous source spotted some more JP2 things at their local K-Mart, including those yellow signs which stick to the window of your car which state "Dino X-ing". They also spotted the JP2 underwear, but alas, only for children (well...maybe they stretch...[j/k]).


For all the AOL members out there, be sure to visit the "Four Weeks of Michael Crichton" area (using the keyword: "BC"), which contains book info, a biography, and a contest where you can win the new "Jurassic World" book (a compilation of JP and TLW). (thanks to Kid4N64)

Three new areas on the page today, which have been promised for awhile. Check out the Easter Egg, Goofs, and Cut Scenes page for the complete list of JP2 easter eggs, goofs, and cut scenes!

An anonymous source wanted to let everyone know that the third issue of Topps JP2 Comic Adaption mentions the fact that a JP Cartoon is definitely in the works.

According to Jesse Anderson, his local video store will be accepting advance orders for The Lost World on video starting the end of September. The release of JP2 on video is scheduled for October 14th.

Malcolm144 found a new "JP2 Action figure set" at his local Target. This set contains a Utahraptor and a figure that is similar to the "Jaws" Jackson JP figure.

Look what website was featured in AOL's "Book World" section: (thanks to Matt)


Some new JP3 info has surfaced, courtesy of Invisible Carnosaur's JP3 Page: As usual, all info about JP3/4 should be considered rumors..I'll believe it when I hear Steve himself say it himself. (thanks to Jason Pense)

Good news! According to the OnVideo webpage (which tracks home video releases), look for The Lost World: Jurassic Park on video October 14th or 21st. (the DVD and LaserDisc versions should be out the same day).

Message Board News: Unfortunately, the message board is still down, and the friendly people at my ISP are still trying to figure out the problem. Hopefully it will be fixed some time today. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.


Here's the box office leaders for last weekend (July 11th through the 13th), a tad tardy due to my recent absence. Men in Black held on to the top spot, beating out the new contender, Contact: The total domestic box office for JP2 is currently $221,055,524, making it the 15th most successful movie of all time.

A few JP2 merchendise items for summer have been spotted: Chris Maier bought some Lost World ice cream bars (in the shape of the JP2 logo) being sold of his local ice-cream truck. At the creamery at University of Maryland, they were selling sundaes in special Lost World bowls, which were shaped like dino eggs.

Philip Neumann reminded me to mention the Lost World greeting cards: One card says "Enclosed is your very own Dinosaur." and contains a "punch-out" Triceratops. Another says "Contents May Have Shifted During Delivery" then "..And May want to Eat You" on the inside. Also look for LW buttons, stickers, and stationary in the same section.

The people over at Hollywood Posters wanted to let everyone know that the official LW poster is on sale there for $89, instead of the former price of $149.

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