Some new Trespasser News, coutersy of riot's Trespasser page:

In psuedo-Lost World news, in the Coxial section of the world-famous Ain't It Cool News, it's reported that a Lost World TV show is in the works, based off of the old Arthur Conan Doyle novel (not the Crichton novel we're more familar with). The series will "follow the adventures of Dr. Challenger and his scientific team as they struggle to survive in a strange and dangerous land. Challenger and company will encounter all kinds of strange creatures, tribes, dangerous circumstances and perils, etc. etc. etc. on a weekly basis as they try to find their way back to civilization - and home."

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C|Net's Gamecenter.com posted a large "Sneak Peek" of Trespasser, entitled "Trespasser: Walk on the Wild Side". It feaures lots of new pics, a short new movie, and interviews with various team members. Here are some highlights: Be sure to read the entire article, found here. And don't miss the RealAudio interview with project leader Seamus Blackley on C|Net Radio.

In other TLW video/computer game news, Hunter reports that there will be a TLW Video game for the Nintendo Game Boy, according to this month's Nintendo Power. Here's the scoop:

The TLW Transcript Project is in full swing! Look for the completed transcript in a few weeks. Oh yeah. Quake 2 is done, and will in stores on Tuesday, December 9th. Get it!


Quick update just to say that the TLW Transcript Project is now accepting volunteers to transcribe scenes in the film. Pick your scene(s) now, as they're going fast!


Check out the new section of the page, The TLW Transcript Project.

Check out NBC on Thursday at 8:30 (EDT) for their annual Thanksgiving showing of Jurassic Park. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (thanks to Kyle)

Thanks to everyone who have been sending in the potential JP2 goofs -- I will verify them and add them to the page ASAP.. (not for two weeks probably).

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Here's an interesting Trespasser development, from this year's Comdex in Las Vegas. AMD Microdevices, in this press release, announced that Trespasser would be one of several new games "created to run best on the AMD-3D processor". This new line of processors from Intel's biggest competetor was built to compete with their Pentium II 300mhz chip. How it will run "best" on this AMD chip is still unknown, and probably should only be taken as marketing hype. IMHO, an Intel processor and a 3dfx graphics card is still the way to go when choosing a computer.

Also in the press release is some bad news about the the release of the Dreamworks 3D game. Originally scheduled to be released in the "1st quarter" of 1998, the press release states that "the game and the new line of chips are expected to be released about the same time: the first half of 1998". For the pessimists, this means that Trespasser could be out as late as June. If you're an optimist, January is still a possibility. Of course, in the computer gaming world, games making their release dates is rare. (Can anyone say "Unreal"?) (thanks to Crash)


Quick update just to mention that Trespasser.com has finally posted who will be playing the voice of Anne, the main character in the highly anticipated 3-D game coming out sometime early next year. It is none other than Minnie Driver, (Sleepers, GoldenEye, Grosse Point Blank).

There is a new RealAudio interview with Julianne Moore up at Universal Studio's webpage.


Well, hope everyone is enjoying TLW on video. I know I am, despite having to watch it on my 17" TV in my dorm room. Be sure to check out Universal Home Video's page on TLW, which has lots of cool new stuff, including a "Escape to Kauai" contest, a virtual TLW exhibit, as well as other interesting information.

Also of interest at universalstudios.com is this interview with Vanessa Lee Chester (available in RealAudio format).

A new "sub-line" of TLW Kenner Toys is being readied for release this holiday season. Called the "Chaos effect figures" they feature dinos with interesting color schemes. Here's a pic: (thanks to Krunker418)

Also related to these new toys is more information on the TLW cartoon that has reported to be in the works. According to Amargasaurus, the latest issue of Previews Magazine confirms that these new action figures are based on the upcoming cartoon. It is very possible that the show will be complete and ready for a "mid-season replacement" by March. If you have any additional info, please e-mail me!


Small correction: JP2 has not been released on DVD, and, according to Tony, Universal currently has no plans on releasing TLW or JP on DVD at this time.

The movie is out on Laser Disc, however, with the 7-minute "Behind the Scenes featurette". There are two versions of the JP2 laser disc, one with THX and Dobly Digital sound, and the other with DTS (although the latter is slightly more expensive). (Also thanks to Craig)

Some more info on the JP2 "Iron On Kit" CD-ROM mentioned yesterday -- the product is manufactured by PrintPaks, and come with a blank t-shirt for $29.99 or without for $24.99. Check out the PrintPak's website for more info. (thanks to Hobbes)


Well, today is the day we have been waiting for! TLW has been released on video, Laser Disc, and DVD. I found the video at my local CVS for a reasonable $14.99. Some interesting things about the video: The blurry T-rex in the pic below is actually one of those 3-D moving pictures, exactly like the infamous 3D movie poster (except not as high quality). The video comes with some rebates. Here's a list: Here's a higher quality pic of both sides of the cover. The 3D pic is actually printed on cardboard, and can be slid out through the top

As for the video itself, it starts out with a 30 second commercial for Mercedes, then the "FBI warning", then the ultra-cool THX logo and sound. The movie itself is un-edited.

Two new LW CD-ROMs have been spotted:

I added another JP2 "goof" to the appropriate section. If you spot any that aren't listed, please mail me.

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