by Dan Finkelstein <>

If you're like me you spend most of the day getting meeting requests, cancellations & updates. But the Android Corporate Email app doesn't allow you to respond! This separate app fixes that, w/1-touch meeting accepts & declines.

Some things I didn't have enough space in the Market description to say:

  • In order to use this app, you must be able to login to your Outlook account via the publicly accessible web. Or, if your webmail access is behind a VPN, you must have the VPN configured on your Android device and be connected to it.
  • If your company has customized Outlook Web Access (changed the login page/removed or added buttons, etc), or is in an language other than US English, Outlook Meeting Responder may not work. (Though it might!)
  • On the configuration page, "OWA Web Dir" is provided for those companies where IT departments have moved the OWA application from the default folder name of "owa". You can tell if this is true in your situation by going to your Webmail login page in your computer's browser and looking at the address. If you see something like "http://mycompany.domain.loc/owa/auth/logon.aspx" you do not need to change anything. However, if it says something like "http://mycompany.domain.loc/webmail", you would put "webmail" in place of "owa".
  • Likewise, if you see "https://" instead of "http://" in front of the address when accessing your company's Webmail in your browser, check the "Use SSL" box.

I have tested this app only with the Outlook Web Access application that is installed by default with Microsoft Exchange 2007. It will not work with OWA 2003. I have not tried OWA 2010. If your company uses this, and it works (or does not), please let me know!