Welcome to what was once Dan's "Wing Commander: The Movie" Page!

From February 1998 to shortly after the release of the "Wing Commander" film in March 1999, this was the place for all the "WC movie news, rumors, and info" you could handle.

Running the site was amazingly fun. I met some great people, and as a fan was even given a chance to meet the filmmakers, help work on the official Wing Commander movie website, and even landed myself a (tiny) part in the film! I was also quite humbled to be mentioned in the "Thanks" section of the novelization by Peter Telep.

In July of 2003, however, I was forced to take this site offline, as I readed a new release of my shareware program Cli-Mate and found myself out of webspace. But not everything is gone! Here are a few links to some of the best content from ol' DWCTMP:

My Visit to Austin - Shortly following production, Digital Anvil invited me down to Austin, Texas to talk about me possibly designing the official Wing Commander website for them. Budgets we tight, time was tight, and I was only happy to oblige.
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The Wing Commander Premiere - I was invited back to Austin in March to attend the premiere of the film, where I met Chris Roberts, the director of the film as well as the mind behind the popular series of games.
The Premiere

Anyway, thats it! If you're wondering who I am in the WC film, click here for a mp3 clip. I'd like to once again thank the visitors who still come to the site (and still send me emails about why it's not updated!). If you're a WC fan and interested in everything WC related, you simply must visit Wing Commander CIC, a WC news site run by some of the coolest people in the world (not to mention some of the most fanatical WC fans in the world). LOAF (aka Ben) is still peeved at me for the time my horrible photographic skills accidentially cut him out of the picture of him and Chris Roberts, but it's a cool site nonetheless!

Everything that was once online has been archived, so if you are looking for a particular file or picture, please feel free to drop me a line. Please allow a few days for me to get back to you.

-Dan Finkelstein, 7/4/03